A Week of Meals Cookbook

Shop once for a week of great meals! A Week of Meals cookbook includes a grocery list and time-saving tips. 24 recipes.


Beautiful Brunches Downloadable Booklet. More than 23 recipes, 16 pages.


Comfort Food Downloadable Booklet. 26 recipes, 16 pages.


Have A Cooking Day Downloadable Booklet, 12 pages.

Dietary Consultations with Erin

Let me help you be successful on the SCD!

Easy Menu Packet - Combined

Use our downloadable menu, recipes and grocery lists to make SCD cooking a lot easier.


Flavorful chicken recipes, sides and desserts.


Festive Holiday Recipes! Downloadable Booklet, 29 recipes, 20 pages.

I Want To THRIVE Bundle of 6

I Want To THRIVE is the magazine of Buy all 6 editions at once for all the recipes, articles and encouragement in one bundle!

I WantToTHRIVE Jan Feb 2009

January/February I Want To Thrive, the magazine of

I WantToTHRIVE July Aug

July/August I Want To THRIVE,the Magazine of

I WantToTHRIVE March April

March/April I Want To THRIVE, the Magazine of

I WantToTHRIVE May June

May/June I Want To THRIVE, the Magazine of

I WantToTHRIVE Nov Dec

November/December I Want To THRIVE, the Magazine of

I WantToTHRIVE Sept Oct

September/October I Want To THRIVE, the Magazine of


Cook for Now and Later


SCD Summer Fun